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Aggregation Live Streaming VideoOur aggregator engine crawls the internet to find videos from various websites like YouTube, Myspace, and other popular video sharing sites, and pulls the videos of your choosing into your own video channel for convenience and ease of access for your viewers.

Automatically aggregate videos from all of your channels and display them on your main video portal allowing viewers and potential customers to view what interests them the most. Our intelligent aggregation algorithm is excellent for those with hard to find niche video content.

Monetize Media’s multi layer architecture allows customers to create more than one video channel based on their business model or individual needs. You get full aggregation capabilities to create parent video portals that can aggregate content from individual video channels into your main video channel.

Our advanced aggregation features suggest relevant videos to your users based on their viewing patterns. By displaying relevant videos and suggesting other video channel’s based on your user’s viewing trends you can make your site more ‘sticky,’ increase monetization opportunities, and improve your search engine optimization.

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