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Analytics - Live Streaming Monetize Media's comprehensive analytics modules allow you to generate advanced performance reports and highlight user activity on your various video channels. You can evaluate key metrics for your videos, channels, and advertising campaigns such as video popularity, viewer depth, syndication reports, revenue reports, and a whole lot more. All of these reports can be produced in a user-friendly format with graphical and visual displays for on-screen and print viewing convenience. You can also export the reports for easy printing & viewing into standard formats like MS Word, Excel, and .PDF documents. Stream-Line your collaboration efforts and quickly & effectively decipher crucial statistics in seconds.

OOur live Streaming dashboard capabilities will enable you to monitor viewership in REAL time as well as discover trends about your viewers and see exactly what videos are the hot buzz and where your viewers are falling off. You can utilize our powerful built-in analytics program or choose to integrate 3’rd party analytics applications such as Google Analytics. Whatever you do, it’s important to track and measure your results, and by using a powerful analytics system like ours, you can be sure to stay ahead of trends and make adjustments as needed to gain loyal viewership and ultimately increase your revenue streams.

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