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The trend toward employee travel, working from home and the virtual office is increasing. We live in a Global economy where the power of the internet and decreasing communications cost are making the world a smaller place. For many companies participation in international and global markets is a necessity to compete. To be effective, timely real-time communication is crucial.

In such a visual society that relies heavily on the Internet and television for information, a professional video is a unique & effective way for your company to leave a lasting impression. For many tasks, users prefer to watch a video rather than read through mounds of text. Online video takes your prospects and clients inside your organization and shows them how everything works. Live Video allows your company to share, educate, and inform your audience. Deliver a powerful & consistent message to employees, prospects, and customers, while protecting your brand. With popularity and quick access to Online Video at an all-time high, and web-enablement costs now at a reasonable rate, online video has become a best practice for most companies, and the preferred medium for marketing, traffic-building, training, and support.

Clearly articulate your product, service offerings, and value proposition with an interactive demonstration video. Complement or even replace your instruction booklet, and instead ‘show’ your customers ‘how to’ guides by broadcasting video tutorials. A well-written video can help eliminate questions, thus reducing your support needs and putting the focus back on new business development. Vividly showcase customer testimonials which can help communicate the tone and increase awareness and perception of your company and its products & services.

HR Professionals can stream-line hiring and training procedures through online video for LIVE ‘in-person’ interviews, employee training classes, job fairs, and manage the company’s overall recruiting & retention efforts. You can reduce costs by holding virtual conferences and training instead of sending your sales force to headquarters; thus avoiding the increased flight & travel expenses.

With live online video your opportunities are virtually limit-less. Why continue to be constrained by standard company procedures? It’s time you take advantage of modern technology and put Live Video to use to help increase your company’s value today.


Corporate communication:
  • Investor Relations, Company Announcements, Virtual Meetings, Negotiations Abroad
Education & Training:
  • Product Training, Continuing Education, Distance Learning, Collaboration, Team Communications, Certifications, Online Courses
Human Resources:
  • Recruitment, Employee Orientations, New Hire Paperwork, Benefits Updates, Compliance Training, Best Practices, Employee Retention
Sales and Marketing:
  • Corporate Branding, Product Demos, Demonstrations, Field Sales Training, Promotional Messages, Continuing Education, Client Training, Face to Face Communications, Viral Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Initiatives, Video Testimonials.
Corporate Events:
  • Seminars, Conferences, Tradeshows
Customer support:
  • How To Videos, Visual Instruction Guides, Product Demonstrations, Video Instruction, Troubleshooting


  • Broadcast Live to any location in real time
  • Consistent Messaging across the company
  • Sync your Corporate HQ with satellite offices
  • Real-time communication increases productivity
  • Reduced Travel Expenses
  • Improved Technical Support
  • Increased PR and website traffic
  • Create Greater Brand Awareness
  • Enhance online training for visual learners
  • Encourage Viral Marketing
  • Interactive customer experience
  • Boost Conversions & ROI

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