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The opportunities for reaching, connecting with, and educating others have dramatically increased with new online video technology. Through the use of live streaming video, teachers & professors can conduct classes and lectures from abroad. Archive past assignments and video lectures with on-demand videos. Utilize Live streaming video for live presentations, classes, lectures, and seminars. Faculty, Staff, Administrators, Parents, and Students can collaborate with each other and streamline the learning & communication process.

Your school or University can expand their class enrollment without taking up more class room seats. Promote your school’s merchandise and improve your fan base with several custom branding, syndication, and monetization opportunities for your video portals. Easily add multiple channels so you can benefit your entire school body including students, alumni, faculty, and sports teams within your University. Put the power of live video to work for your school and start reaping the rewards today.

  • Broadcast live sporting events online
  • Distance learning & e-learning
  • Live streaming of in-class discussions
  • On-Demand viewing or Archive your lectures
  • Broadcasting of Special seminars and events
  • Make your next alumni gathering a global event

Key Benefits

  • Deploy new video portals rapidly with no IT skills
  • Extend the reach of your institution
  • Save on facilities expansion
  • Be a greater presence in the community
  • Improve communication and retention of alumni networks
  • Additional revenue streams and sponsorship opportunities

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