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Online video lets government agencies and organizations more effectively communicate with their citizens. As consumers are spending more time than ever viewing online video, organizations need to adapt. Government officers have an influential opportunity to reach a wider audience and communicate their mission. At Federal, State and Local government levels you have progressive communication goals and online citizens are re-engaging with government in new ways through video. Monetize Media is working closely with organizations to add online video to their content mix. While the government agencies can focus on their mission, Monetize Media takes care of everything else.

  • Broadcasting and Webcast Open meetings over the Internet
  • Expand your audience for meetings, speeches, and announcements
  • Deliver improved services for Emergency Communication, e.g. Amber alerts, etc.
  • Give a human face to your communications
  • Make highway traffic and public camera views broadly available for First responders and Homeland Security
  • Reach new constituents through viral sharing
  • Create video players quickly and easily that can integrate into your site
  • Recruit people to programs and services
  • Train staff and volunteers across geographies

Key Benefits

  • Disseminate messages more broadly
  • Broadcast Live for timely announcements
  • Reach a broader audience and increase public participation
  • Avoid multi-vendor contracting and management challenges
  • Manage specific budgets without costly overruns
  • Eliminate the need for complex and expensive technology systems 

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