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Online Video PlatformTake full control with our subscription, membership, pay per view, and advertising revenue options. Insert ads into traditional spots or put advertising anywhere in or around your video. Easily create pre-roll, post-roll, or in-stream video ads. We support 3’rd party ad servers and major ad networks like AdSense, Ad Bright, Double Click, and more. Monetize Media gives you the flexibility to choose & customize various revenue models and advertising options to monetize your content.

Add valuable content and be rewarded by generating new revenue, increasing your ROI, and turning your video player into a cash generator. We offer seamless integration into your PayPal account so you can make & receive payments with ease.

You can easily set-up ad policies and assign selected channels as ‘private’ or make them available only to selected groups. Our ad intelligence system means your video advertisements remain content-specific and strategically positioned toward your target audience.

With our robust platform you can monetize your content however you choose. You can set-up a pay per view channel and select the price, create the rules, and allow viewers to pay for each video they select. Or you can assign a ‘flat-rate’ for all the videos in your channel and charge a membership or subscription fee. You can also set up online-rentals and make your content accessible for a limited time only just like renting a movie at a store, except they can access it on-demand or view it live. Of course you can also push your video across the internet and reach new audiences through controlled or viral syndication. We offer you complete monetization options that will be sure to help you reach new audiences and propel revenue streams for your video content.

Pay Per View
This popular monetization model allows your viewers to pay per video watched. You decide the price and create the rules. You can define a flat rate for all the videos in your asset library or mix and match prices and create custom packages.

Leverage your loyal customer following and create a more predictable revenue stream for your business. Our subscription model provides you full control and flexibility over membership packages, pricing, and billing cycles.

Online Rental
You can define online rental rules for any of your media files. You have flexibility over online rental terms so your customers can view your video content one day only with an expiration date or for a designated time frame of your choosing.

The power of the World Wide Web at your finger tips. Syndication is a revenue model that pushes your video all across the internet based on your business model. Customers can choose from controlled or viral syndication to reach the broadest possible audience.

Ad Revenue
Take advantage of online advertising and create a funnel of new revenue streams. You can offer free content to customers and make money from the ads they view and click. Our online video platform supports all online media advertising such as banner ads, in-stream ads, overlay ads, pre-roll ads, and full integration with standard ad space and video ads. With our in-video search capabilities and smart video SEO you can target specific ad campaigns for greater returns. Monetize Media’s online video platform provides seem-less integration of all the leading Ad networks like Google Ad Sense, AdBrite, Doubleclick, etc.


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